TNH tea

Home Practice

1/ continue with the body scan practice. Here is a  body scan practice. This is the same one as last week, guided by Rebecca Crane.  Click here to hear it.

2/ Complete the pleasant events table and/ or use the hot cross bun diagram to help you unpack your pleasant experiences. Digital links to these if you want another copy are below

Pleasant experience diary

home practice Hot cross bun

3/ Continue to intentionally bring moments of awareness during your day; bring some mindfulness into your routines You can find a mindfulness anchor in any moment in any day. the opportunity is always there.

4/ Also do keep if you can your Mindfulness Journal or maybe using this simple table if you prefer. Practice Record sheet 

5/ If you wish to try some sitting practice like we did at the end of the second session here is a checklist to help get you started. Try doing this one without any guidance. Sitting mindfulness practice checklist

6/ Finally there is a copy of the poem “summer Day” from tonight’s session 

I am looking forward to hearing all about it next Thursday 🙂

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