TNH tea

1/ Here is a  body scan practice. This is guided by Rebecca Crane and is the one I am using the most at the moment myself. She leads it in such a clear and caring manner.  Click here to hear it.

If you prefer to start this week with a 30 minute not a 45 minute practice here is a youtube one from Jon Kabat Zinn

2/ Eat mindfully at least once in the week in the same way you ate the raisin with awareness of experiences and senses. Or maybe just a bite or two if a whole meal is too much. Whatever is good for you.

4/ Intentionally bring moments of awareness during your day; bring some mindfulness into your routines You can find a mindfulness anchor in any moment in any day. the opportunity is always there.

4/ Keeping a Mindfulness Journal or maybe using this simple table if you prefer. Practice Record sheet

5/ Finally below is a copy of the sessions notes including the main ideas and the poem I read during tonight’s session. 

I am looking forward to hearing all about it next Wednesday!

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