I may be lying around on the sofa a lot at the moment but my mind is still instinctively doing laps and circuits.

My life long habit of mindlessly chasing or avoiding stimuli isn’t going away any time soon it would appear. Getting to the fridge, having opened the door and my hand inside before I have even realised what i am doing let alone why. Not noticing the taste of my favourite coffee because I am busy scrolling through twitter. Walking to the shop and going straight past the beautiful autumn leaves on the grass in the park. And there’s many many more examples of this behaviour I could have mentioned too.

The ever so true cliche about having TIAs is that they are a warning, a shot across the bows. A warning to not take your body for granted or to assume your health will always be just so. Today’s autopilot way of living (‘relentless multitasking’ I called it yesterday) can leave us ungrateful and more than slightly ignorant of what is going on both in and around our bodies. It’s not that being on autopilot can’t be useful and indeed often necessary, but we also need to stop and listen to what our bodies are saying, breathe in how the lavender is smelling and where the mind is in the middle of all this.

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