Practice diary: 19th September

In my wonderful local park last week

I am writing primarily for my own good. Firstly, it’s a chance to structure a little more of my day and not let it slide and secondly I hope to stop and reflect more on how my own practice sits at the moment. The reason I am making it public is to give myself the discipline to maintain the effort and follow through on the initial intention.

After 3 or 4 TIAs in July my lockdown extended and deepened a little. Just at the time nearly all of you started to meet up and go out more I was sleeping on my sofa and recovering. My practice dried up for a month or so as well. Though, with the help of the many online guided practices that become available in 2020 I have found it easy to get back in the habit and I now more clearly understand the potential for joining together in practice virtually.

Prompted by finding out this week that I have at least another month off from work, I want to use this platform to record reflections on my practice and my limited reading. I am not stupid enough to think this will appeal much to anyone else, but if a word or phrase over the next few weeks, lands well for someone, then that would be a delightful bonus.