If you are interested in any of these courses or have any questions about their content, timing, cost or anything else than please head to the contact page and send us a message. All payments can be made by cheque bank transfer cash or at PayPal

New courses on the horizon!

I am planning new mindfulness courses for late July and August. From 1:1 sessions to shorter 4 week courses to the full MBSR. More details to follow soon! Watch this space as well as the facebook and twitter pages.

Corona virus support for all; free online mindfulness sessions

I am offering regular brief guided practices starting at the following times (further details will be posted here and on the facebook page (click here) and on twitter @trustingmind )

  • Tuesday 7pm
  • Thursday 7pm
  • Sunday 7pm

But basically: find yourself a quiet space and a comfortable seat or cushion upon which to “sit well”, log on about five to seven and follow the instructions for about 15-20 minutes. I will make the practice suitable to all practitioners from novices to those with experience.

Sunday Mindfulness Sessions!

These sessions have come to a halt for now. But I hope to run some more later in the year. I am pleased to announce new taster sessions starting on 26th January at Culture Coffee on Fisherton Street in Salisbury. These will be at 11am and last about 45 minutes. Details on the flyer below. Come and find out what mindfulness is all about!

Adult 8 week mindfulness course

BREAKING NEWS: The early 2020 course is now full. My next course will be starting in March. Details to follow soon.

in the meantime please contact me with any questions: Email philip@trustingmind.co.uk for more details. Application form here.

The 8-week Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course will help you deal with stress and get the most out of life. This course will skilfully lead you through a series of short meditations and gentle movement practices that will start to reveal the habitual mind patterns in which we all circle. This allows you to see more clearly how feelings of anxiety, worry and of being overwhelmed can develop.

Mindfulness can help everyone savour the simple and good things in life by allowing us to return to the present moment and increase awareness of what is happening while it is happening.

Whilst the course is time for you to nurture your own mental and physical well-being, in later weeks this also opens up the opportunity for this nurturing to help those around and close to us as well.

The course is endorsed by many health care providers (including the NHS and is highly recommended by those who have experienced its benefits.

Nurturing Parents Course

All parents to learn self care in order to be able to better look after their children.

Learning mindfulness techniques to use at home can support parents in coping better with stress and anxiety and respond to situations differently. The course also reassures parents that we are not alone in our situation and gives us the opportunity to engage with others in a similar stage of life and share experiences.

Nurturing Parents is an adapted 8 week mindfulness course for parents. The course was specifically developed by Eluned Gold at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University to support parents to incorporate mindfulness into their family life.

One To One Courses

Philip is able to tailor a mindfulness course for your own individual needs. This can be completed face to face or via Skype/FaceTime.

How Much Will It Cost?

MBSR Course: 8 weeks including 8 x 2-2½ hours sessions, an all day retreat and an initial 45 minute introductory session – £175

Nurturing Parents Course: 8 weeks, 2 hours session and an initial 45 minute introductory session – £150

One To One Courses: Price will vary depending on the course designed. Please contact us for further details. Initial half hour appraisal session – £25

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