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New 8 week Mindfulness MBSR course dates announced!

Exciting news as I have finalised the dates for the next 8 week mindfulness course. I will be delivering it online via Zoom. The course will teach you both how to practice mindfulness and how to integrate this awareness into your daily life. You will learn about paying attention to what is happening whilst it is happening and therefore how to live less of your life on autopilot. By learning to see that we cannot control many of the things that happen to us in life and by applying mindfulness in these situations, we can begin to respond more wisely and skilfully to stress. Mindfulness doesn’t just help us to become more present in our lives, it also gives us an opportunity to be more compassionate towards both ourselves and others. The application form is here. Please message me if you have any questions.

To gain the most out of this mindfulness course, there is an expectation that you will have a daily 30 minute meditation practice during the 8 weeks.

1Wednesday12th January
2Wednesday19th January
3Wednesday26th January
4Wednesday2nd February
5Wednesday9th February
6Wednesday16th February
DAY RETREATSunday20th February
7Wednesday23rd February
8Wednesday2nd March
All sessions start at 18:00 except for the day retreat which is 09:30 to 15:30

There are many ways to learn how to practice mindfulness. I myself guide drop in sessions, mindfulness for parents, 4 week introduction courses and one to one meetings; I recommend this 8-week course as the most effective method to start bringing mindfulness into your life. This is because it is the most widely researched and evidence-based approach. The 8-week format is also an opportunity to make a commitment to attending and building a regular practice over a series of weeks. This kind of repetition over time forms new patterns of thinking and habits. You will also find that learning to mediate in a group with others and under the guidance of an experienced mindfulness teacher, will provide you with a good source of insight and support.

This course is based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme, developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. It explores key mindfulness practices and helps cultivate new skilful ways of facing and dealing with what goes on in our bodies, minds and lives. On top of the meditation exercises there will information (and discussion) on relaxation, stress management, how to apply mindfulness to interpersonal communication and to bring more compassion into our lives

Living mindfully means applying these skills to each part of our daily lives. If you wish to get a taste of how this could work in your life, I have written extensively on my blog (www.trustingmind.co.uk/blog) about integrating mindfulness into everyday life and give many simple on doing this. 

Please note this course is cheaper than the normal price as costs are less delivering it online. If you wish to take the course but cannot afford to at present please contact me about concessionary rates or different payment methods. The online course cost is £90 and a voluntary donation at the end.If £90 is too much for you at present, then I am happy to arrange a concession; what matters is that you get exposed to what mindfulness can do for you and your life.

Quiet Tuesdays

This has been running since October 2020 and is a weekly session to which all are welcome. Classes will be every Tuesday at 7.30 pm and last around 20-30 minutes. No experience is necessary and the sessions will be suitable to all regardless of your previous experience. My aim is to give you a quiet space in which to slow down breathe and notice how you are doing. in other words to ‘experience your experience’. I have written a few posts on the benefits of mindfulness on the blog page of this site and won’t repeat that here. It’s suffice to say, regular mindfulness will improve your life!

The classes will be on zoom (please contact me for the meeting number and password to follow or on request via email philip@trustingmind.co.uk or facebook page – click here) and due to the simple structure of the time no great knowledge of using zoom is needed either. If you can come to the meeting sitting comfortably and with an open mind you will be fully equipped!

New courses on the horizon!

From 1:1 sessions to shorter 4 week courses and the full MBSR. More details to follow soon! Watch this space as well as the facebook page (click here) and on twitter @trustingmind ). I can fit some 1:1 sessions in right now. Costs will depend on length and number of sessions

Adult 8 week mindfulness course

BREAKING NEWS: The early 2020 course is now full. My next course will be starting in March. Details to follow soon.

in the meantime please contact me with any questions: Email philip@trustingmind.co.uk for more details. Application form here.

The 8-week Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) course will help you deal with stress and get the most out of life. This course will skilfully lead you through a series of short meditations and gentle movement practices that will start to reveal the habitual mind patterns in which we all circle. This allows you to see more clearly how feelings of anxiety, worry and of being overwhelmed can develop.

Mindfulness can help everyone savour the simple and good things in life by allowing us to return to the present moment and increase awareness of what is happening while it is happening.

Whilst the course is time for you to nurture your own mental and physical well-being, in later weeks this also opens up the opportunity for this nurturing to help those around and close to us as well.

The course is endorsed by many health care providers (including the NHS and is highly recommended by those who have experienced its benefits.

Nurturing Parents Course

All parents to learn self care in order to be able to better look after their children.

Learning mindfulness techniques to use at home can support parents in coping better with stress and anxiety and respond to situations differently. The course also reassures parents that we are not alone in our situation and gives us the opportunity to engage with others in a similar stage of life and share experiences.

Nurturing Parents is an adapted 8 week mindfulness course for parents. The course was specifically developed by Eluned Gold at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University to support parents to incorporate mindfulness into their family life.

One To One Courses

Philip is able to tailor a mindfulness course for your own individual needs. This can be completed face to face or via zoom/Skype/FaceTime.

How Much Will It Cost?

MBSR Course: 8 weeks including 8 x 2-2½ hours sessions, an all day retreat and an initial 45 minute introductory session – £175

Nurturing Parents Course: 8 weeks, 2 hours session and an initial 45 minute introductory session – £150

One To One Courses: Price will vary depending on the course designed. Please contact us for further details. Initial half hour appraisal session – £25

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