About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is often defined as ‘paying attention on purpose moment by moment without judging, (Full CatastropheLiving, – Jon Kabat-Zinn).This means that learning to be more mindful can help us to pay more and better attention to our experiences moment by moment. People practicing mindfulness often find therefore they become calmer, more reasoned and creative when facing the the normal ups and downs of life.

Being mindful brings out the innate skill to notice what is going on in our mind and body day to day without judging it. This is created by the ability to step out of our normal autopilot mode and pause, instead of blindly reacting to situations we can learn to respond more wisely.

This pausing can also help us to slow down, appreciate and savour the good in our lives. Mindfulness can help us live more fully to “be alive and know it.”

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About Philip

Philip has been practicing mindfulness and meditation since 1990. He has been teaching it for 8 years. He has specialist qualifications for teaching mindfulness to adults from Bangor University and the Mindfulness Network and to children & teenagers (dot b and paws b – the two most popular and well recognised courses for under 18s in the U.K.) He has also been teaching the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course for adults since 2016. He has now taught and guided hundreds of people to practice mindfulness in their lives.

In 1990 Philip started to learn about meditation and mindfulness whilst travelling in India and continued this in monasteries and centres across the UK. He has trained with different Buddhist and secular teachers and attended retreats and courses all over the country.

Philip has been a secondary school teacher since 1993 and so has a clear idea of modern teaching methods with which to help deliver mindfulness courses and can fit any lessons to fit all individuals and groups of whatever age.

In 2015 Philip qualified as a dot b mindfulness teacher. Due to the successful and  positive impact this had for the children, mindfulness has been on the school curriculum for the last 3 years; an almost unique achievement in state secondary schools in the UK.

Outside of education Philip has been leading mindfulness courses to adults in both a secular and Buddhist context. He is now pleased to be able to offer people the full 8 week NHS recognised MBSR course.

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